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    Dreamer II Creator II Collaborator

  • MY WHY

    In a world that is constantly telling Black and brown folks not to love themselves,

    my goal is to create work that inspires and informs those very people.

  • Past Clients

    Great companies and folks I've worked with.

    Apliiq LA

    Mount Holyoke

    Ms. W

    Prom King

    Harlem Business Alliance



    Superego LLC



    Yale Law


  • Make/Love

    I was hired by UniqueBoard to create a creative networking event for the NY wework offices. In conjunction with the creative minds of Richard Clarkson, Jibri Ness and Ceclia Monteverde.

  • Talented 10th Presents: Walter Cruz for Apliiq

    This video provides the background for Walter Cruz's designer fabric collaboration with Apliiq entitled "Crowned Beats". Based off Jean-Michael Basquiat's original artwork for the film 'Style Wars' - this fabric is a homage to that story and the artist.

  • Apliiq x Walter Cruz : Crowned Beats

    Back in 1983, a documentary was released that would change hip-hop from an American obsession to a global phenomena. Styles Wars redefined the possibilities that music could have to unite people of all walks of life. It put the Bronx and New York City on the world stage of dance. In the midst of this monumental step for Hip-Hop, there was a young artist taking the world by storm. His name was Jean-Michael Basquiat and he would be known as one of the greatest contemporary artist of all time. “Beat Bop” is the title of the documentary’s theme song, it was created by MCs Rammellzee and K-Rob. The art scene in New York City during the ‘80s ran in small circles. It is rumored that then popular MC, Rammellzee created the theme song with intentions to make it a battle record against Basquiat. Jean-Michael’s lack of clever lines resulted in the duo getting into heated debates that ultimately led to settling on not having Basquiat featured vocally, but instead visually through the tracks cover art. Due to the rarity of its original pressing, it has been called the Holy Grail of rap records. The artwork that resulted from this collaboration is what I referenced to create the fabric pattern. I hope you enjoy the fabric as much as I do!


    Grab your's today! Crowned Beats

  • EliteDaily for "Crowned Beats"

    Check out EliteDaily's coverage on one of my latest collaborations. Read after the jump. "Crowned Beats"

  • The Listen Art Show (Pt.1)

    The Listen Art Show is a variety art show I organized in the early Spring of 2013. The theme was based on the idea that each artist involved would bring their definition of the word Listen to the show. The definitions manifested in an array of ways, including Spoken-word poetry, lyricism and visual art. 

  • The Listen Art Show Presents: WildSpice

    The Listen Art Shows are opportunities for attendees to be actively engaged in their surroundings rather than passively entertained.


    In collaboration with Kleaver Cruz and WildSpice Magazine, we were able to put together an event that both celebrated The Listen Art Show message and great energy behind WildSpice Magazine.



  • Past Features

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    AM Studio

    Afropunk Fest

    Black Enterprise

    Bowery Poetry Club



    Elite Daily

    The Future Project

    Hobart & William Smith Colleges

    Joseph Gross


    Mountain Dew

    Pinned Stitched

    R.Legacy Mag

    The Source Mag

    Syracuse U.









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